PSYCLINE is owned and managed by psychologist Dr. Armin Günther, University of Augsburg, Germany. The website started in 1995 under its former name Links to Psychological Journals and has won a high reputation as one of the (if not as the) most comprehensive and up-to-date index of psychology and social science journals on the web. In 2001 Links to Psychological Journals was renamed into PSYCLINE - Your Guide to Psychological and Social Science Journals on the Web.

Psycline/Links to Psychological Journals has received serveral favorable reviews in on- and offline publications. The Scout Report, a highly respected source of quality information on the Internet, concluded its review of the Links to Psychological Journals website:

Scout Report Selection"An excellent resource for scholars and students in psychology, linguistics, and sociology" (Scout Report Volume 7, Number 6, March 2, 2001).

Many persons and organizations contibuted to the success of PSYCLINE. Those I want to thank most are:

Martien Brand (Netherlands, Universiteit van Amsterdam), Jose R. Correas (Spain, COP), Russ Dewey (USA, Psych Web), John Grohol (USA, Mental Health Net), André Hahn (Germany, psychologie.de), Marlene M. Maheu (USA, Telehealth.net), Mark Nettle (Australian, Macquarie University), Ian Pitchford (GB, University of Sheffield), Richard R. Plant (GB, LTSN), Annie Trapp (GB, LTSN), Cassie Tomlinson (Australian, Macquarie University), Akio Yuda (Japan, Shinshu University).